02: Seeking Equality

img_23981. The Ludicrous Arguments Against Black Lives Matter

In, “The Ludicrous Arguments Against Black Lives Matter” the author tries to examine both sides of this controversial issue. He takes the side of #blacklivesmatter in a more mature way, and uses examples to prove his point. He even talks about how many say that emphasizing ‘black’ excludes other races, but then backs it up with examples such as: “black people are disproportionately incarcerated compared to white people” and “black men are shot by white cops who go unpunished”. He ends his piece by stating that we should not give up on this movement, and we should keep fighting until a change is made.

Ethos- “The majority of people that associate with the movement are law-abiding citizens who limit their protests to peaceful means.”

Logos- “According to the Washington Post, a black person is 2.5 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by the police.”

Pathos-  “…when black men are shot by white cops who go unpunished.”


“The Ludicrous Arguments against Black Lives Matter.”The Hill News. N.p., 10 Sept. 2016. Web. 23 Jan. 2017.

2. Black Lives Matter is a global cause

In, “Black Lives Matter is a global cause” the author described that not only is this a local issue, but it is also becoming a global matter. Although this problem started in the United States it is not affecting the entire world, and more specifically in Canada, Britain, The Netherlands, and  Germany. Many are not quite sure why this is an issue in these countries considering the problem is not there, but it is apparent that they are showing sympathy for our country. Places all over the world, including South Africa, are showing support on this issue, and are all fighting for the same reason: equality among all people.

Pathos-“‘I think people forget that racism is a worldwide thing. It’s still very prevalent. This is ultimately a cry for help.'”

Ethos- “…former New York City mayor (and former Republican presidential candidate) Rudolph W. Giuliani infuriated many when he declared that insisting “black lives matter” — instead of, presumably, all lives — was “inherently racist” and even “anti-American.””

Logos-” police in Britain had only shot two people fatally in the preceding three years.’That’s less than the average number of people shot and killed by police every day in the United States over the first five months of 2015′.”


“Black Lives Matter is a global cause.”The Washington Post. WP Company, n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2017.

3. My Opinion

I feel that Black, White, Latino, and ALL lives matter in this world. I completely see the arguments against the term ‘#alllivesmatter’, but I still believe that all people, regardless of color, really should matter. For example, people of color should be treated equally and not be put in danger due to the color of their skin. Although some may say that it is too late for equality at this point, I believe that it is never too late. We should start now and work towards peace and fairness for all races, genders, and cultures. This issue is important, because we must come up with a solution to end this battle in our society today. We need to fix what has been done so far, and ask both parties to work towards an answer to stop this madness.


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